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The Housing Authority of the City of New Britain is a public agency located in New Britain, a city of more than 74,000 people.  New Britain is situated on approximately 13.1 square miles in central Connecticut, just 9 miles from the State's Capitol.

New Britain, known as the Hardware City, offers residents a variety of recreational, social, cultural and educational activities, including parks and museums. The city is home to an array of social service agencies, offering its residents programs and activities which support and create opportunities for growth and enrichment.

The Housing Authority manages 804 low-income housing units at seven developments throughout the city.  More than half its housing units are for the elderly and/or disabled with the remainder being for families.

In addition, the Housing Authority administers Housing Choice/Section 8 vouchers which provide rental assistance to more than 750 families residing in the private market in New Britain and the surrounding communities.

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