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What is RAD?
RAD, Rental Assistance Demonstration, is a program of HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  RAD was created to give public housing authorities a powerful tool allowing them to preserve and improve public housing properties.  RAD projects allow public housing authorities to address deferred maintenance and facilitate the financing of much needed improvements.

Master Plan overview pic - CopyWhere is the RAD taking place in New Britain?
The Mount Pleasant and Bond Street developments have received approval from HUD for a RAD conversion.  While much planning has already been done, we still have much ahead of us. 
Together with the City of New Britain, a co-developer, architects, consultants and many more key players, the New Britain Housing Authority is well underway to make a decades long dream, a reality.         

CLICK HERE for the latest updates from Architect, Kenneth Boronson.

Resident Meeting Q & A February 2023

Resident Meeting Q & A October 2022

Reunión de Residentes Octubre 2022

RAD Fact Sheet for Residents

RAD Hoja informativa en español  

                                             Watch the video to learn more.”