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Resident Councils

What is a Resident Advisory Council?
A Resident Advisory Council (RAC) is a group of residents of a housing development who get involved with their neighbors, community and the housing authority, for the purpose of creating a positive living environment.  The RAC has a Board, which includes a president, vice president, secretary, treasure and parliamentarian, all of whom are voted in by residents through an election process.

What does a Resident Advisory Council do?
The role of a RAC is to improve the quality of life and resident satisfaction by organizing and participating in activities that create a sense of community for and amongst residents.  These councils work in partnership with the housing authority to advise and assist with various aspects of housing operations.  

Is there a RAC in my development? 
There is currently a RAC for the Mount Pleasant and Bond Street  developments.  If you are unsure who is serving on the Board of your RAC, or if you want to get involved, contact your property manager.

If you want to start a RAC in your development, contact your property manager, or email Lisa Cretella at